Let's answer some commonly asked questions about our site

Why is this website free?
Why not? I originally built this website as a fun project to test the different technologies I was learning at the time. Now that I have a nice, working database driven website with lots of users, I decided to keep it up and make it into a brand. So, PureConnections.com was born. I'm not a huge, greedy, corporation. I don't have to answer to shareholders or a board of directors. I am the only employee and I'm not paying myself so there is no big bloated salaries to cover.
Will you ever charge a fee?
Yes and no. Hosting this website costs me hundreds of dollars a month. As my user base increases, so does the downloaded bandwidth which I am charged for by my cable company. I also have to pay 3rd parties for email service; cloud hosting of images; etc. So, I plan on one day adding a 'Premium' account level to help me pay for the costs of running this website. In return, 'Premium' members will be given a few more perks. But the basic functionality of this website will always remain free.
Who can use this website?
Anybody 18 years and older is encouraged to use this website. The language I speak is English so the website is written in Engish. But I have written the website to accept non-us characters. So, you can create your profile and respond to others in any language you want. My website should have no problem storing japanese characters; russian characters; etc. I would like this website to be global and internationally used.
What can I do on this website if I sign up?
Once you sign up, you will be shown a "dashboard". From there, you can send AND recieve: winks; kisses; messages; and virtual gifts. You will also be able to "block" members and add Members to "favorites". "Rate" Members on a scale of 1-10 and see how you are rated by others as well.
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